A downloadable game for Windows

Find love... in the most awkward places.

You're at the disco. Across the dance floor you finde her. The one. But your introversy and kind of forbidden love keep you away from each other.

So you need to shedule every encounter: just to come closer and have few seconds of communication.

2 Player one controller for the extra awkwardness!

Story Draft:

You are in the 80's, music is fine.

You could be a part of the...

Love Belows

Preppy high class students digging in the "streets" for some thrills. You're actually rich af. There you would be Dove, well aware of your privilege, but still vevry traditional.  An uptight introvert who can't chill for their life.

...Or you could be part of the...


A group of students from a more difficult background than the Love Belows. They love to discuss the injustice in their life and how they could make a inprovment on it. For some people of this group the Love Belows are part of the problem. But you are just a Bookworm called by the name Meg, comming from a struggeling family wich their parents highes hopes for their children is to be married of rich or talent to be found, so they would have better lives then themselves.

Install instructions

Yeah... eh hi there pal! At best you play it Windowed becuase I didn't build in a exit button yet. Also ist works just for X-Box Controller yet!


Y.e.h..exe 17 MB
Y.E.h.7z 9 MB